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Learn more about volunteering with a society or sports club at Goldsmiths.

Societies and sports clubs are groups of like-minded students who get together to share their interests. If there isn't one that takes your fancy, you can start your own. First though, check our list of societies and communities and make sure you're not duplicating something. If it already exists - join it!

Why become a student leader?

Have you ever wanted to lead a society, sports club or community? Maybe you love dreaming up glamorous events… Maybe you’re passionate about getting people together to do something fun… Or maybe you just want to be a BNOC (Big Name on Campus). With the campus reopening there has never been a more exciting time to become a student leader!
Make new friends and build a community of connections around the university, create meaningful positive change in our university and our wider community, lead on large-scale events as part of Welcome Week, Black History Month, LGBTQ+ History Month, Varsity, Awards and more. Free workshops and training opportunities across the year, learn employable skills such as project and events management, fundraising and community development. Your role will appear on your degree transcript (HEAR). You can put it on your CV too! Access funding from the SU, your own SU email address, your own sign-up page on our website, book rooms on campus for your events at no cost, and at the end of the year your society could win an award at our annual awards celebration.

What is it like being a student leader?

"Being a student leader and part of a society is such a rewarding experience! Getting to associate with like-minded individuals who enjoy the same things you do is such a necessary part of our wellbeing, especially in regards to this difficult year. As a student leader, you are able to take into account every members' viewpoint and successfully implement them into the society, making sure that it is a community where everyone feels heard and welcome! I think this year, when it comes to communication with societies and clubs, the SU has been the most effective it has during my three years of study at Goldsmiths. I believe the SU has given great support to students, especially considering the present circumstances of the pandemic!"
Emmanuela – Musical Theatre Society President 2020/21
"During this year of lockdowns, most students have felt extremely socially isolated. Taking part in societies has been one of the best ways to connect with other students this year and the support and infrastructure which the Students' Union provides is invaluable in helping societies like ours to function and provide that community for those who need it. As a society leader I've been able to work really productively with our SU staff to provide the best possible experience for our society members this year, and at the same time also learned a huge amount from working with them."
George-Håkon – Debating Society President 2020/21 
“On behalf of the Jewish Society Committee, we wanted to just say a massive thank you for all your help with preparing and putting together [events], we honestly could not have done it without you. We also appreciate this whole online thing is not only challenging to us but to you as well so thank you for guiding and leading us through this!”
Alma – Jewish Society Leader 2021/22

Video: why should you become a society leader?

Miqdad, Islamic Society Leader 2021/22


How do you start a new society?

3 people to be leaders of your new society or club, 10 minutes to complete the registration process, and 20+ hours of volunteering time across the year. This will include training, managing your memberships, running events, fundraising and so much more!You will need: 3 people to be leaders of your new society or club, 10 minutes to complete the registration process, and at least 20 hours of volunteering time across the year.
That's less than one hour per week in term time, but we encourage you to do more if you can – the more time you spend being a student leader the more you will get from the experience and the more your society or club will grow! As part of your volunteering time, you will be required to complete a leadership training course led by our staff team. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How many people do I need to start a society or club?
You will need 3 people to start a society or club. Your core team will fulfil the roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer. The reason we have these 3 roles is to make sure that no one is left alone to manage a society. You should always have a team to support you!
When are the deadlines for starting a new society or club?
Applications are received on a rolling deadline with new societies able to start twice per year in September and January. That means if you apply in between May to July & if approved, you will start in September. If you apply after September to November & if approved, you will start in January. 
Do I have to have the leadership training to start a society or club?
Yes, all of our volunteers must complete the leadership training in order to access the society email, membership webpage, funding, room bookings or any other resources that we offer you as an affiliated society.
Why do we have to complete the leadership training?
The purpose of the training is to give you the skills and tools you will need to lead your society. It is also important that your activities on campus are safe for members – once you have completed the training you and your members are covered by our insurance.
How long is the leadership training?
The leadership training takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete.
What other types of training will be available to leaders during the year?
During the year we also offer training from experts in communications and marketing, public speaking, events management, campaigning and activism, mental health and wellbeing, health and safety, fundraising and money management, community building and more. 
What kind of funding can I access as part of a society?
Societies can access up to £500 per year for their core activities. This funding is democratically allocated by a vote which all our student leaders participate in at a monthly funding forum.
Where can I find out more about being a society leader?
You can find everything you may need to know in the Societies Handbook, a living document which is continually updated with guidance and resources for society leaders. 
If you have any other questions about becoming a society leader please contact our
Societies & Communities Coordinator, Amina Mohamed