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We are here to help you make a difference! We endeavour to defend, protect and campaign for the rights of students and lead campaigns on the issues that affect YOU.

You are taught how to think critically at Goldsmiths, but there is no reason why this insight should only be applied to academic work. At the SU, we campaign throughout the year on issues of local and global importance. We’re driven and ambitious in thinking of the student body as a collective. As a group, we have the power to bargain and the potential to initiate change. This is why we encourage and welcome all kinds of students to get involved, whether you're an undergraduate, postgraduate, international, part-time, mature or open book student. 

We have a diverse range of liberation groups and campaigns, led by our Part-Time Officers. These Officers are here to represent, defend and lobby on behalf of you. Check out all our current and past campaigns below...