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The CARE Project

What is CARE?

CARE stands for Consent and Relationships Education.

Formerly known as the Against Sexual Violence (ASV) project, The CARE Project by Goldsmiths SU is a student-led culture change initiative.

Through Education, Advocacy and Policy work, the project continues to build survivor-centred and trauma-informed action against sexual violence and cultures of disbelief at Goldsmiths and beyond.

Active Bystander Training

The Active Bystander Training offers students, staff and everyone in the Goldsmiths community a free and accessible way to learn about sexual violence prevention and how to intervene safely. Join us to gain awareness of sexual violence as a continuum, a toolkit of skills for safe intervention, and transferable care at and beyond Goldsmiths.

Sessions include:

  • What it means to be an active bystander including potenital aids and barriers 
  • Dispelling myths of sexual violence 
  • Case studies on being an active bystander 

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Please note workshops are trauma informed spaces and rely on participation by choice. Content includes discussions of sexual violence and participants are welcome to leave at any time.

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