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Students' Forum

Students' Forum is the democratic forum put in place so that every student can suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union.

Students' Forum is the space for Goldsmiths students to suggest and influence key policies that shape the Union and our work. Held regularly throughout the year, Students' Forum is led by all Full-Time and Part-Time Officers who give updates on their current projects and it's open to all students who wish to join, contribute and hold to account the SU and the Officers who they have elected.

This meeting is also the home of change, where any student can bring forward a motion (an agenda of action for the Union to act upon) to be discussed and debated by every student at the meeting. All motions will then go online to be voted on by the whole student body. If passed, motions become policies: see our list of existing policy. If you want to see a change in the Union this is the place to make it happen. 

How do I submit a motion?

If you have something you want to change you can submit your own motion - but you must do this before the meeting itself so it can be approved by the Union Chair. We accept motion submissions the week prior to each Students’ Forum.


If you are planning to submit a motion we recommend that you read this guidance on ‘How to Submit a Motion’.

If you have any additional questions or queries about Students’ Forum, motions or voting please email


Have a read here of our 'How to submit a motion' guide. 

How can I get involved?

Watch the debates live

We invite all students to attend the Students’ Forums online - it is your space to make change to your university experience so if you’re interested in the work that we do at the Students Union or passionate about a specific topic then feel free to tune in and listen to Officer accountability speeches, motion submissions and a debates.


Join in

Each Students’ Forum is framed around a particular topic that we feel needs attention by our SU and Officer team. You can join in by attending the forum, sharing your experiences or even submitting your own motion. 'Submitting a motion' may sound complicated but it just means suggesting how we make change by creating a new policy. If other people who attend agree with you they can vote for your policy to get passed. All new policies that get passed at Forum must then be worked on by the SU and Officer team.



SU President Joe Leam submitting a motion at Students' Forum in October 2019


What dates will Students' Forum take place this year? 



23rd November: open motion submission

1st December: Students' Forum event, 5pm- 7pm



13th January: open motion submission 

20th January: Students' Forum event, 5-7pm 



10th March: open motion submission 

17th March: Students' Forum event, 5-7pm 



5th May: open motion submission

19th May: Students' Forum event, 5-7pm


2022 Dates TBC