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Academic Representation

Students are part of an important academic community, and we believe that meaningful student participation in academic life includes having a say and being heard on any and every issue that affects you.

Department Student Coordinators (DSC's)

DSC's coordinate student representation at a departmental level. DSC's attend departmental and SU meetings and ensure that students’ voices are heard at every level of College decision making. The Students' Union and the College provides training in research, report writing, meeting procedure, and organising. They are also paid for their work approximately £700 which is tax deductible.

Sophie was a DSC for the Sociology Department for 2019/20.

Programme Reps

Programme Reps are the core of the union’s representation structure. A Programme Rep is a student who has been elected by their peers in their programme to communicate the views of their cohort to the College and the SU. As a student, they're your first point of contact for bringing your views forward with staff on your programme or department.
The purpose of Programme Reps is not solely to raise student voices, but to also provide constructive comments and work in partnership with the Union and College to continuously improve the student experience. Being a Programme Rep is an excellent way to have a say in the development of your degree programme. You're expected to attend a few meetings every year, but more importantly act as a link between the students on your programme, DSC's and the department to make everything runs smoothly. New Programme Reps start their roles at the beginning of each academic year. Being a Programme Rep means you are trained by the Students’ Union at the start of your role, with online training resources and support available throughout the year.

Laura was a Programme Rep for her MA in Promotional Media. 

You will have a Programme Rep regardless of your level of study, be it first year of undergraduate or part-time masters. Find out more by reading the full Programme Rep role description.