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How we work

We're a student-run organisation and registered charity. The Union is run independently through a democratically elected Students' Forum and board of Trustees.

So who are we? 

Goldsmiths Students' Union is a democratic and charitable organisation that works independently from Goldsmiths, University of London to represent and support students. With four Full-Time Officers that help steer the union as representatives and trustees, and numerous Part-Time representative positions that help direct how the SU is organised, we aim to be as democratic and student-led as we can. Each year, all of these positions are opened up for election, so any current student can run as a candidate and every current student can vote. By taking part in our elections, you play a role in choosing who leads the SU and its direction. 

You can keep up with what your representatives are doing through the Students' Forum. This is a meeting of the Full-Time and Part-Time Officers to discuss their actions and current projects, as well as to vote on proposals and suggestions put forward by students. It's during these meetings that you as a student can bring about real change within your SU. Each year we also hold an Annual General Meeting to report on the work of the SU over the year.

Our Trustee Board oversees the running of the organisation to ensure we are legally compliant, financially responsible and in line with our vision and values.